Odyssey – Review (translated by Emily Wilson

An idyllic setting and masterful voices belonging to engaging story tellers made for an amazing literary experience last weekend. What better way to spend the first day of summer lounging on the grass of the Queen Victoria Gardens within earshot of the actors reading from the new translation of Homer’s Odyssey translated by Professor Emily Wilson.


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vigil/awake by Peta Murray

Should we prepare for death as much as we prepare for birth? Could we celebrate it as much as we celebrate birth? These are the fundamental questions artist-researcher, Peta Murray, invites us to contemplate during her beautiful 80 minutes piece, vigil/wake.

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Malthouse Theatre Season 2019 Launch

Malthouse Theatre has launched their Season 2019 promising their work will continue to be global, political and brave. Artistic director, Matthew Lutton, enthusiastically outlined the line-up of productions – nine in all plus two special events. The nine main stage performances will certainly provoke and entertain. The line-up looks likely to fulfil the company’s promise to be global, political and brave.


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Blasted by Sarah Kane – Review

Blasted is a brutal play. The violence on stage will cause distress and you will find yourself looking away at different moments. Malthouse Theatre takes pains to adequately warn its patrons. The question could be asked; why put such terror on stage? What exactly motivated playwright Sarah Kane to write this play at the end of the last century? Does the play deserve its status as a contemporary classic?

blas-3 (2)

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Fury by Joanna Murray-Smith

What happens when the offspring you have brought into the world in good faith, smothering it with love and guidance, turns out to be a monster? After years of cohabitation with your beloved creation, you suddenly are confronted one day with a teenage daughter or son who holds views and values that are anathema to your own? This is at the core of Fury by Joanna Murray-Smith and this Victorian premiere plumbs the pitfalls of parenting and everything that comes with managing the passions of youth.


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DE STROYED by Suzanne Chaundry & Jillian Murray


An approving and contented murmur rippled through the audience as the final lighting cue faded ending DE STROYED, a 70-minute monologue performance which sets out to evoke the life, times and works of French writer, Simone de Beauvoir. Actor Jillian Murray’s depiction of de Beauvoir is superlative. This production covers aspects of the author’s life, clears up the misconceptions, injects humour into very serious subjects and is extremely well staged to boot.

Jillian 1

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