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Realistic Joneses (Broadway) review

Even with its stellar cast, which includes Toni Collette and Michael C. Hall, this new play by Will Eno fails to keep momentum and pretty much flat lines in the second half due to both its humour and its existentialist sentiment wearing too thin.

tn-Realistic JonesesMichael C. Hall

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Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill [Broadway] review

Five-time Tony award winner Audra McDonald, a true Broadway goddess, plays Billie Holiday to perfection in a one woman monologue/concert that transports the audience to a recreation of the final concert given by one of the world’s greatest jazz singers.

Audra McDonald at mic

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Mothers and Sons review

When a difficult long-past chapter of your life comes howling through your front door determined to disrupt your present state of domestic bliss, things get a little confronting and much soul searching and checks and balances of the heart are to be completed. This is the primary concern of McNally’s latest play where Cal Porter (Frederick Weller) is paid a visit by Katharine Gerard (Tyne Daly) the mother of his late boyfriend Adrian. Adrian died of AIDs in 1994. Katharine has much pain and anger that has fermented over the two decades since losing her son. 68-year-old Daly who propels the play beautifully conveys this passion. Mothers and Sons portrays true pathos.

mothers and sons Weller

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RABBLE Theatre: Frankenstein review

THE RABBLE Theatre Company has reimagined Mary Shelley’s gothic novel Frankenstein where both the scientist, Victor Frankenstein and his monster are both women. Shelly’s novel is spooky enough, but the company’s take on this classic ensures its questions regarding humanity and the preciousness of life and relationships are still there but, with some clever and outrageous staging, these themes plus more are conveyed boldly and light is shone into the dark corners of our humanity. This performance is confronting and provocative, be warned!

frankenstein Sassman body

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