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Of Cows, Women and War by Ajak Kwai and Bagryana Popov

Ajak Kwai displays grace and courage during her performance of Of Cows, Women and War written by herself and co-writer Bagryana Popov. The piece is beautiful in its simplicity and is moving and evocative.

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A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

NT Live again brings the thrill of London theatre to Melbourne with their screening of Tennessee Williams’ classic, A Streetcar Named Desire. Well known to most theatre lovers, this text never fails to sadden or shock us. This production at the Young Vic directed by Australian, Benedict Andrews, is refreshing, suitably sexy and unnerving – just as all Williams’ work should be.


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The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

This production promises a lot and has benefited from much anticipation and publicity; happily, it actually does meet expectations. As one satisfied audience member exclaimed at curtain call, ‘It’s crazy theatre, I have never seen anything like it before!’ This is an accurate summation. This piece’s main drawcard is that you witness two plays simultaneously, which are disparate in places then complementary, jarring then entwined, discomforting then joyful.

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Red Stitch Actors Theatre – 2015 Season Launch

Red Stitch Actors Theatre launched their 2015 season this week in their usual unpretentious and amiable style. The venue was Bromley & Co, an art gallery in Windsor brimming with eclectic and exciting pieces of furniture, antiques and contemporary art which appropriately reflected the character of this excellent theatre company.

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The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Belvoir Theatre has produced a poignant and beautiful revival of Tennessee Williams’ 1943 autobiographical play The Glass Menagerie. The production is faultless. Director, Eamon Flack and his cast, have delivered this piece of theatre with utmost sensitivity, an intelligent understanding of the play’s core and a refined and delicate creative touch.

Glass Menagerie Pamela Rabe southern belle

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