Strangers in Between by Tommy Murphy

It’s a real boon for Australian theatre and playwright, Tommy Murphy, to see his play, Strangers in Between, playing in London for a second season this month, on the West End no less, and at the same time opening at the perfectly cosy fortyfivedownstairs for its second staging in Melbourne.


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Boys have Skin by Jake Stewart

Boys Have Skin is a new play by Jake Stewart from Kissing Booth Productions. It is a large ensemble piece with much to enjoy. Seeing new LGBITQ writing in a small but charming venue is an aspect of Midsumma Festival that is so appealing. That a new play can be mounted on such a low budget and involve so many people from the LGBITQ community coming together to make theatre is a great feature of Melbourne’s fringe.

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Othello at Pop-up Globe


The Othello opening night audience at Melbourne’s Globe Pop-up theatre adored this production and the cast was ecstatically applauded at the conclusion of the evening’s performance. The eager groundlings, being so close to the action on stage, were entertained constantly throughout whilst the ‘elevated’ people in the galleries chuckled along as they viewed proceedings from their vantage points.

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Richard 3 by Bell Shakespeare Co.

Bell Shakespeare’s current production is a slick ensemble piece led by Kate Mulvany who gives a consummate performance. She is incredible! Every inch of her portrayal of Richard III is thrilling. Mulvany conveys Richard’s megalomania, hateful nature and his cruelty like a heavy-duty jackhammer while at the same time she elicits much empathy for him from the audience.


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